This hand made red leather dog collar stands out due to it's deeply rich bold red and black fittings. The heavy weight of the leather and fittings communicates enough to understand it's so much more than a pet store gimmick.  The dark red leather collar and black fittings throw out serious badass vibe. 

Solid black buckle, fully padded, designed and built as only we do is there anything better? If you go for this please do yourself a favour and grab the matching leash. :)

We pride ourselves in making outstanding quality leather dog collars,  built to last a lifetime. This leather dog collar comes with a full replacement guarantee on workmanship. 

Red Leather Dog Collar Sizing 

  1. Medium - 4.5cm wide
  2. Large - 4.5cm wide
  3. XL - 5cm wide
  4. XXL - 5cm wide

View our full range of dog collars today - you will not be disappointed! 

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