Luxury Chain Link Dog Collars

For the ultimate in style and showstopping looks, you can’t look past our collection of luxury link chain dog collars. Our gold chains are double plated PVD and all chains secured with a heavy duty Rogue Royalty clasp. 

Luxury Dog Chains 101  

 In the world of dog accessories, the allure of chain collars has become a symbol of luxury and style. Just as we adorn ourselves with swag and elegant jewellery, our canine companions can now flaunt their style with dog collar chains for themselves. ...

At Rogue Royalty, we present a stunning collection of gold and silver dog chains that epitomise opulence and sophistication. Join us as we explore the charm and benefits of these trendy add-ons, designed to elevate your dog's style game to new heights whilst keeping them safe mid-adventure.

The Rise of The Dog Collar Chain 

Emerging as a chic and trendy alternative to traditional fabric or leather collars, gold dog collars were originally popularised in urban settings and have transcended their utilitarian purposes to become a symbol of fashion for both humans and dogs alike.

With celebrities and influencers adorning their pets with gold and silver, these accessories have garnered widespread interest and adoration across Australia in recent years. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they exude elegance and refinement, with a lustrous shine that complements any dog's coat, adding a touch of luxury to their everyday look. 

Find Their Perfect Fit: Chain Collars for Every Breed 

At Rogue Royalty, we understand the importance of a comfortable fit for your dog. Our accessories, including leashes and harnesses, come in various sizes, ensuring that every dog, from toy breeds to large breeds, can enjoy the luxury and comfort of these accessories. 

Adjustable clasps and links allow you to customise the piece to your dog's neck size, providing an impeccable and secure fit. 

The Dog Chain Necklace that Combines Style and Safety 

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, our dog chains also offer functional benefits. The durability of high-quality materials ensures that they withstand everyday wear and tear, maintaining their beauty over time. 

The design of the neckpiece allows for easy attachment of identification tags, harnesses and leashes, making them a practical choice for daily walks and outdoor adventures. 

Shop Gold and Silver Dog Chains for the Fashion-forward Pup 

Discover the allure of dog collar chains – a fan favourite across Australia. At Rogue Royalty, our luxurious range combines style with functionality, allowing your pup to shine while ensuring comfort and safety. 

Shop now or contact our team on 02 4620 7660 or via email at for more information.

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