SupaTuff Heavy Duty Strong Dog Harnesses

The First & Last Harness You'll Ever Need. We Promise!

The SupaTuff strong dog harness range are extra strong dog harnesses developed to be the strongest dog harnesses in the world.  Minimalist design allows the dog harness to allow natural movement ( running, swimming, jumping) whilst being a fully secure support dog harness. 

SupaTuff harnesses are used by professional handlers and law enforcement agents worldwide. Training, dog sports, walking and swimming these harnesses are designed to be multifunctional and fully adjustable to fit any dog body size and type.

We don't use plastic buckles or cobra clips, both are prone to failure. We use double pin stainless steel roller buckles and that's why we offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee because they don't rust and DON'T BREAK.

We have widths to cater for different dogs we have the Heavy Duty(48mm) and Slim Fit (25mm).  
SupaTuff dog harnesses are made with premium durable nylon webbing, double ply layers of fabric and heavy  stitching to ensure they can withstand heavy tugging and pulling. The hardware, such as buckles, rings, and D-rings are made of rust-resistant stainless steel.

Each size allows for fully adjustment on all four sides to ensure the harness fits snug but not too tight. All SupaTuff harnesses come with a full 100% Lifetime Guarantee and money back customer satisfaction.