ACTIVE-X Dog Harnesses

The ACTIVE-X dog harness is a cross function lifestyle harness made for comfort and ergonomics for dogs. It's a strong yet lighter weight harness and the chest support distributes the load evenly across the chest and shoulder area making walks more enjoyable for both the dog and the owner.

The dog harness is fully adjustable on all four sides so the chest support molds to the shape of the dog, providing a custom fit for any dog. The straps are easy to adjust, ensuring that the harness does not rub uncomfortably on the dog and they have click buckles on either side.
If you require a harness that allows a young dog with plenty of scope for growth this is perfect.  The chest support is designed to fit all dog breeds, making it a versatile choice for any dog.

An important, yet often overlooked major point is the mobility allowance of a dog harness.  The rear straps of the Active X dog harness have been set further back than on most other harnesses so the straps don't rub or cut into the armpits of the dog or interfere with natural full range of movement.


Dog Harness Active X Black
from $57.75 AUD $82.50 AUD
Dog Harness - Active X Pink
from $57.75 AUD $82.50 AUD