Leather Aftercare & Balm


  1. PROTECTS leather from the elements
  2. PRESERVES leather goods for a longer life
  3. PROLONGS wear and resistance

Rogue Royalty ALL NATURAL Leather Balm is made from the finest, premium quality ingredients. Our quality, natural ingredients blend to provide you with a leather cleaner, conditioner and preserver all in one. Our unique formula also has antibacterial qualities, unlike many other types of leather treatments. Leather is a natural product, and like our own skin can dry out over time. Using our leather balm will prolong and protect your leather accessories from the elements, as well as prolong the suppleness and condition of the leather.

Suitable for all types of leather products including collars, saddles, bridles, harnesses, luggage, boots, belts and upholstery. Our all natural leather balm is safe to use around products that come into contact with human and animal skin and no animal testing is required or used in the formulation of our product.


"Wow! After 20 years of owning horses and religiously cleaning saddles and bridles, I've been though more than my fair share of leather conditioners. By far this has been the best one I've used, not only in results but value for money and small amount needed for great results. It not only cleans and shines the leather like new but softens the leather with just one coat. My 7 year old riding boots look brand new and has given older beaten up leather items a new lease on life. I cannot recommend this product enough, it's natural, value for money as little is needed and makes conditioning leather a breeze!" Top product!!!! I'll get the saddle done this weekend too"

"The most amazing product I've used in all of my 20+yrs in having horses! This is only two coats in on my pony club boots that have been squashed in a box for the last 10 years! I've used the same product all of my life until now, nothing compares to the quality and value of this balm. Another off the chart RR product!"