Boost Training with Our Weighted Dog Vests

We believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle for your canine companion – in fact, it’s what we pride ourselves on. Our specially designed weight vests for dogs are ideal for supporting muscle development for your dog during walks, runs, or simply during playtime. 

They are adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit for all breeds, and can be used in conjunction with a leash. With Rogue Royalty's weight vest you can enhance your dogs exercise routine and contribute to their overall wellbeing. Our weighted dog vests have a fully adjustable girth and front straps, with a shape and design that provides a snug contoured fit.

There are several horizontal side pocket channels that hold the 250 gram ingots - so the weight can be increased/decreased incrementally as suits.  The jacket shell design keeps the ingots snug against the body of the dog so they don’t move or hit against the dog’s body or ribs.

Intensify Exercise & Burn Energy with Our Dog Vests in Australia

Our canine weight vest has been designed to provide a safe and comfortable fit, allowing your dog to build strength and stamina without rigorous movement or training plans.   Whether you have an active breed that’s always itching to get out, or simply want to help your dog stay fit and healthy, our high-quality accessories are the perfect solution.  Elevate your dog's fitness regimen and explore our collection of weighted dog vests today.

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Designed for comfort and durability, our vests will help your canine reach their full potential. Explore our collection today and find the ideal canine weight vest that will elevate your fitness sessions. 

Don't miss out on the perfect training accessory. Shop now for dog training vests in Australia. For more information, get in touch with us today.

Important Tips When Using Training Vests for Dogs

  • The weighted dog vest should NOT be used on puppies.
  • For large dogs under 2 years of age weight vests should not be fully loaded. Dogs usually reach maturity between 18 - 24 months old and overweighted exercise can damage joints or structure.
  • Weighted vest activity must always be supervised
  • Weighted vest conditioning must be increased gradually.
  • Working your dog in excessive heat is not recommended and can be fatal