Leather is the material of choice for artisans who made dog collars and bridal wear for steeds since ancient times. Strong, supple, natural and moulding to form it’s no wonder leather is chosen as the perfect fibre to make a fine accessories. It's these sames qualities that endears us to leather, each piece is a work of art, a statement with a charm of it’s own. You may choose a plain leather dog collar or a crystal adorned luxury piece ...either way each dog collar we make has a style and class of it’s own.

Leather compliments your dogs skin, natural beauty and ….personality. Leather ages beautifully as long as it is properly maintained. Our premium natural leather dog collars are designed and made with style, comfort and durability in mind. Our leather dog cllars are padded with soft napa leather to prevent chafing or discomfort on your dog’s neck. 

All Rogue Royalty dog collars are designed in house,  made with full grain bridle leather with soft napa padding, cushioned inner. Each dog collar is re inforced with press studs and waxed stitching. Various buckles are used in line with the dog collar size and fastening method is extremely simple for attaching and detaching the collar from your dog. 

Want to check out some of the finest leather dog collars ? Check out our massive range of luxury leather dog collars https://store.rogueroyalty.com.au/collections/dog-collars

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