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Our Products

Our ALL NATURAL SHAMPOO is pure and made with natural oils, with no fillers or additives. Crafted on coconut oil as the base, it is safe for use on dogs, horses and humans. Our ALL NATURAL TREATS are a ground breaking world first product specially created by us to benefit your dog. Our treats are an air-dried offal jerky and green tripe jerky which have been enriched with natural herbs that serve to fortify your dog’s immune system. Our RAW FOOD is a premium natural range of fresh frozen product. We don’t support intensive farming and believe that feeding your dog a raw diet provides optimum health as this caters to the needs of the canine. We'd love to hear from you and welcome any suggestions or improvements we can make to better serve the pet owner community so feel feel free to reach out anytime and give us a call (02) 4620 7660 or email info@rogueroyalty.com.au.