Leather has been used to make clothing, shelter, carpets and even decorative attire and ornaments since prehistoric times. In ancient Egypt, a fur piece was highly prized as a ladies jewellery piece. From leather, man has made footwear, belts and clothing, storage containers for liquids, boats and even armour. The principle protective armour of a Roman soldier was a heavy leather shirt.

In recorded history, pieces of leather dating from 1300 B.C. have been found in Egypt. Primitive societies in Europe, Asia and North America all developed the technique of turning skins into leather goods independently of one another.

Greeks were using leather garments in the age of the Homeric heroes ( about 1200 B.C. ), and the use of leather later spread throughout the Roman Empire. During the Middle Ages, the Chinese knew the art of making leather, the Indians of North America also had developed great skills in leather work before the coming of the white man. The art of tanning leather using the bark of trees probably originated in the Middle East. In primitive societies, the art was a closely guarded secret passed down from father to son.

As civilisation developed in Europe, tanners and leather workers united in the trade guilds of the Middle Ages, as did the craftsmen in other fields. Royal charters or licenses were issued permitting people to practice leather tanning. During the nineteenth century, vegetable tanning, i.e., tanning using the extracts from the bark of certain kinds of trees, was supplemented by chrome tanning. This process uses chemicals and today accounts for about eighty percent of the tanning methods used today.


Leather has special qualities as only a natural fibre can possess. It's versatile, has give and is comfortable so makes it ideal for use with canine equipment and accessories. There's a certain feel only leather can provide and in many cases it's natural qualities and comfort make it the ideal option for the dog. Rogue Royalty quality leather is deep vegetable dyed only. We only use premium grade bridle leather.

The colour may run, however it will not harm you or your pet in any way.


  • We recommend our ALL NATURAL LEATHER BALM be applied to your leather collar immediately after purchase to provide a protective barrier for the leather outer and nourishing balm for the leather fibre interior.
  • If leather gets too wet, do NOT speed dry it, instead dry it slowly. Drying leather too quickly alters its chemical structure, and you may end up with stiff leather. Drying at room temperature and with gentle air works better than direct sunlight or hair-dryer. Slow drying will help keep it in the shape you want.
  • If leather gets too dry, rub Rogue Royalty All Natural Leather Balm into the leather that will nourish and protect it from the inside out.
  • Where possible prevent leather from contact with salt water, by way of its makeup possesses corrosive qualities so is not recommend for leather.
  • Don't wrap leather in plastic. This will keep it ventilated and help prevent mold and fungal growth. Clean as necessary with a damp cloth.


It is recommended to avoid using cleaning fluid, shoe cream, saddle soap and mink oil. These products contain ingredients that may damage leather. Rogue Royalty Leather products are sealed and professional finished to help prevent moisture and preserve the inner fibres of the leather. Our All Natural Leather Balm Protects, Preserves and Prolongs all leather and is unique in that it has an inbuilt natural substances that help repel bacteria. It is highly recommended to help maintain your leather products.


It's a good idea to store your leather dog harness or leather dog collar in a cool dry place when it's not being used. Do not place the leather collar or harness in direct sun or moist damp areas for prolonged periods of time. This will encourage mold and rot in leather products.


Our leather products if maintained will last you many years. Chewing or damage through misuse or neglect is not a defect of the product. All of our products are checked under strict quality control so they reach you in perfect condition.


Our workmanship and finishing is of the highest standards and we pride ourselves on securing fittings that almost never dislodge. That said, we still recommend you check the fittings on your item from time to time to ensure they are always screwed in tight and securely. After wear and tear things may become loose, so we strongly recommend that you use a high quality adhesive to secure your studs should any be loose especially if you have an active dog. Regular inspection of fittings regularly to ensure they remain fastened and secured.