Loyalty deserves Royalty.

Dogs have lived and served alongside humankind for millennia, offering protection, guidance, comfort, and unconditional service.

They consistently give their best and deserve nothing less in return. Unfortunately, numerous products flood the market, produced cheaply and sold with substantial profit margins that primarily benefit business owners rather than dogs and their owners.

In 2009, we embarked on a mission to create the highest quality products, and we have not wavered since. Throughout this journey, we have pioneered innovative designs and introduced unprecedented products.

Our creations are built to endure, combining durability with captivating aesthetics. When was the last time you encountered a range that comes with a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE? We pride ourselves on crafting gear that stands tall and stands out, enhancing the canine/handler experience by delivering unrivaled quality, aesthetic design, and functional capabilities. We offer healthier, more ethically sound, and sustainable options for natural grooming, treats, and supplements, ensuring a happier and healthier dog.

The pet industry, unfortunately, is not driven by genuine pet lovers. Animals remain one of the most exploited species on Earth, and this does not align with our values. Our objective is to educate, raise awareness, and present alternatives to the abundance of cheap, inferior products disguised as premium-grade items.

The Rogue Logo
Our logo embodies the fundamental beliefs and principles that underpin our brand. To fully grasp the meaning of the Rogue Royalty logo, we invite you to watch the accompanying video.

"The Hound for Devotion, Vigilance and Loyalty
The Horse for Grace, Strength and the Spirit to Roam Free
The Shield for Protection of Evils of All Kind
The Crown for Nobility in Action and Mind"


We invent, improve and innovate to be the best of the best in canine specialist accessories and products.

Our gear is practical, durable and stamped with quality. Whilst we cater for all sized dogs our specialty is working with large powerful types and breeds.
Working downwards is easy! That said, you will find our products sound and stylish to cater for all dogs.
We make hand made leather collars for utility work and luxury styling. Our tactical SupaTuff range is world famous for strength, durabililty and lifetime guaranteed reliability.

Grooming range to counter harmful chemical treatments and water/environment pollution.
Our range is pure and made with natural oils, with no fillers or additives. Crafted on coconut oil as the base, it is safe for use on dogs, horses and humans.

ALL NATURAL TREATS are a ground breaking world first products specially created by us to benefit your dog. Our treats are an air-dried offal jerky and green tripe jerky which have been enriched with natural herbs that serve to fortify your dog’s immune system.

Well who else will? The world is by faceless corporations and businesses driven by profiteering with little care for dogs and pets in general.

Never before have animals been exploited so much in such numbers.
Far too many products in the pet industry are produced cheaply are unhealthy, uncomfortable yet sold with enormous profit margins that benefit  business owners, not dog owners or the dogs themselves.

Why we do this? We love it and we are commmitted to delivering products with ethics and substance.