The Mkomazi National Park is a vast rugged, 3,500 square kilometer game reserve in northern Tanzania. Together with Tsavo, it forms one of the largest and most important protected ecosystems on earth and is a vital refuge for two highly endangered species the black rhino and African wild dog. The Canine Anti Poaching Unit assists The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust under the guidance of Tony Fitzjohn by providing equipment and training to support the establishment of a new anti-poaching dog section at Mkomazi. A conservationist driven by a lifelong passion for the wild, Tony Fitzjohn actively leads wildlife preservation efforts in East Africa. In 2006, he was honored for his work with an OBE.

The new section, consisting of a dual role Tracker/Apprehension and Infantry Patrol dog, has been aimed at eradicating the illegal trade of poaching and bush meat hunting. The two dogs, named Bandit and Chocolate, were originally trained at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy by ourselves before arriving at Mkomazi to help support anti-poaching efforts at the park. We will continue to support Mkomazi National Park, and with the help of generous sponsors and fundraising campaigns, intend to provide the latest equipment, clothing and first aid training along side certified training to continue the successful progression of the section.

Rogue Royalty are are proud supporters and equipment providers to the Canine Anti Poaching Unit. http://www.animalssavinganimals.org/

Ol Pejeta is one of the largest black rhino sanctuaries in East Africa. Set over 90,000 acres, it's dog section reinforces anti-poaching efforts by protecting wildlife, safeguarding the local community and assisting the work of the KPR and other conservancies. Our work with Ol Pejeta began in August 2013 with our lead trainer, ex - Royal Army Military Dog Instructor Daryll Pleasants advising and assisting on the expansion and upgrading of the original kennel block to house an additional eleven Belgian Malanois puppies and a fully functional canine agility arena. Daryll also conducted talks, tours and training displays at the section to students and various conservation groups.

The Ol Pejeta dogs were trained and classified by Daryll with each specializing in a different area such as: arms explosives detection dogs, multi- discipline and triple role dogs, assault dogs (that run completely silent for silent for ambush attacks) , infantry patrol dogs and tracker dogs. The handlers were also trained in specialist canine tactics, kennel management and canine care, leading to full certification , by us, for each handler at the end of training. We also provided sponsored kit for each dog and handler such as collars, leads, tracker lines and harnesses. We have now fully completed this project at Ol Pejeta and are pleased to report that the section continues to help protect not only Ol Pejeta but other surrounding conservancies.


PIT-TRACK is a privately funded group of civilian militia who protect the last of the Southern White Rhinoceros in pockets of South Africa. They are passionate, determined and live a life dedicated to protecting and saving the last of these magnificent creatures from poachers. They specialise in the use of their trained APBT out in the wilds of South African bush where the the struggle against poachers is a constant violent reality. They are people after our own spirit or getting up and doing something about it! Rogue Royalty has a very special connection with Pit-Track and we proudly support them and believe in their cause.