Out of control dogs are straight out stressful and pet brands know this.
I know first hand as a business, as a dog trainer and my own german shepherd was a firecracker handful (family beach or park visists) turned to disaster due to her unruly behaviour.

Here's the thing, its completely normal and expected for her to be like this, not only as a dog, but a working dog with centuries of selective genetic breeding. Here's throwback pics showing the TRAINING and CONDITIONING work we did.
It's normal for a dog to do this, it is NO NORMAL for a canine to have no structure or consequences.
The pet industry is not run by pet lovers. It's run by individuals pursuing profits, products are not always sold for the love or benefit of your dog and remember the target audience is the human. And what do humans love? Convenience, fast results by the easiest path. Halties do just this and provide a great "result" for humans but not for dogs. We should not confuse supressing a dog with training.
First up, let's be honest....who would enjoy wearing a strap around their face, especially just under their eyes. Halti's are beautfully marketed for solving a problem - how do they do this by suppressing the dog at their most sensitive body part - the muzzle.
Vibrissae are present above the dog's eyes, below their jaw, and on their muzzle. The muzzle is one of the most sensitive parts pf a dogs anatomy. Halters do not modify behaviour. They control the dog but is the dog learning? Is it being counter conditioned? Training and behaviour modification require skill, time, patience and perserverance. Slapping a head strap on is just domination at the softest part of an animal.

Secondly, Halti's pivot the entire weight of a pulling dog on its nose. The pressure of that weight forces the dog’s head to turn. It’s called torque, it hurts and can damage the spinal structure of the dog. Your dog is not learning or developing modified thinking and behaviour. It is all based on disempowerment. The dog owner is blissfully unaware of this, yes the pulling is stopped but the core issue that causes the undesired behaviour is not.
Wendell V
Rogue Royalty

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