"Our boy Diesel developed a rash approximately a month ago. As a Blue English Staffy we have always been concientious about his skin however this rash was worse than any other we had seen. It caused hair loss and irritation and began to grow in size. We tried everything to get rid of it before finally taking him to the vet where they tested him for a number of skin conditions including mites and ring worm. All tests came back negative. It seemed that steroids were our only option but we were hesitant to put him onto them. After a short talk with the guys at Rogue we were turned on to mineral milk formula. After a single wash the rash had crusted over and peeled away. After a second wash his hair became softer and started to grow back. We are confident that after a few more washes he'll be good as new.

Thankyou so much to the team at Rogue Royalty. You always know what to do."

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