The soft padded inserts for our SupaTuff strong dog harness range are really popular.  The padding for the SupaTuff dog harnesses now allows you to have options for a padded dog harness or a non-padded dog harness.

The non padded harness is lighter and less bulk and is more suited to free form activities such as beach trips, swimming, running or bike rides.  In  padded mode the harness has a cushioned front for the chest and shoulders for car trips, working dog mode such as K9 patrol or protection training or any activities that involve your dog lunging or pulling concentrated on the front of the the harness.

Removing the padding helps preserve the padding from corrosion(salt water or drying and cracking) or flattening from overuse when not really needed. It's a must have for any dog with a SupaTuff harness :)

Padded inserts for SupaTuff dog harness features

  • Available for all sizes Wide and Slimfit dog harnesses
  • Each insert custom made for each harness size
  • Only available in black
  • Velcro straps attach to harness straps

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