Every paw parent knows buying a quality dog collar ain’t easy. There's the endless hype, gimmicks, types, and functions. Then there's the swag factor because hey, our dogs need to look cool right? With a Rogue collar, your dog's guarantted to be drippin’ in swag like never before.

Here at Rogue Royalty, we understand that every dog is unique, and their collar should be unique too! matchfinding the best dog collar for your companion can be overwhelming we know! Fear not, as we’ve made collars for any type and size of dog or puppy.  Unleash your dog's personality with different styles and designs from Australia's biggest dog collar specialist. Our premium products come with a 100%  Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Our expertise and experience ensures you get the perfect collar for your needs.

Discover the perfect balance between style, comfort, and safety for your pup. From sizing and materials to special features and training considerations, we've got you covered. 


Luxury Dog Collar Sizes

The slim-fit dog collar range is designed and made for smaller dogs and pups with a focus on special features and proportional sizing to cater specifically for the smaller sizings and delicate structure. The smaller sized dog collars are narrow and the
width increases as the collar sizes range upwards.

Slim fit collars come in leather and nylon webbing, studded, and non-studded leather collar designs in a range of color tones including black, brown, baby blue, teal,
white, tan, buckskin, plum, pink, blue, purple, and baby pink. 

All dog collars have matching dog leads to ensure you not only look great, but
will also feel awesome with a premium quality dog leash in proportion with your

We only
use premier-grade materials for all of our collars -  genuine leather,
napa padding, solid steel or brass fittings, and reinforced waxed stitching.
Our leather collars are wax sealed at the edges before packing to ensure every
piece in an individual masterpiece.A

Our Regular fit collar range consists of collars that are designed and built for medium to giant breeds with a focus on special features to cater specifically to larger dogs without the dog collar being too wide.

Regular fit dog collars are a collection of hand-made dog collars for medium-sized dogs,
sleeker type fit and lighter fittings. We use full-grain, top-grain, and vegetable-tanned leather, as these types of leather are durable and

The collars are well-stitched and the stitching is secure and even sturdy and rust-resistant.

Our leather collars are known for their comfort, they are padded and lined for
added comfort.  Research our brand and check for reviews to ensure that
you have peace of mind purchasing premium collars of superior quality from a
company with a good reputation.

Our wide-fit collar range consists of leather and non leather dog collars that are designed and built with a focus on special features to cater specifically to larger dogs. This includes a wider collar profile of around 50mm plus and in non leather and leather, double roller buckles, width, and reinforced joins.


Your dog deserves the best, and our range boasts exquisite craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and eye-catching designs. Our accessories are made to elevate your dog's style game.  Your pup will strut with pride and exude confidence with a statement piece showing off your impeccable taste as a pet parent. Customers love our Chain Link collars, available in both gold and silver, SupaTuff our heavy duty tactical dog collar range or our refined, petite slim collars for small dogs andpuppies.


Our dog collar range has been specially curated to cater for all dog types, sizes and needs. Leather or heavy duty nylon for large dogs, lightweight, soft and gentle for a new puppy. We are Australia's largest dog collar specialist with ergonomically styled and contoured collars for any dogs needs. Our range accomodates any sized dog or puppy and we ensures a perfect fit and style wiuth mazimum comfort. 

Available in a range of styles, materials and colours there is one to suit every dog's needs.

If you're into hiking, long walks or training , you might like to add a sturdy harness for extra control and safety. Our dog harness range are adjustable, functional and made using the best materials. Our SupaTuff range offers a full 100% Lifetime Guarantee. Do we need to say more? There’s a quality Rogue Royalty harness for your dog. Take a look through our collection of dog collars and harnesses today to find a design that matches your pup’s personality.   


When it comes to finding the best dog collars, the choices are vast. They all look great online but do they come with waxed sides, padded interiors, re-enforced stitching and a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee? Our collection of dog leashes and dog collars offers impressive variety, allowing you to choose an accessory that truly suits your dog's individuality while providing the utmost in style, comfort and security. 

Browse our range and spoil your dog with the perfect designed dog collar that will have them looking stylish and feeling protected. For more information, reach out to us at info@rogueroyalty.com.au or on (02) 4620 7660


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