Loyalty deserves Royalty. Before the pet industry, dogs have lived and served alongside humankind for millenia.  They protect, guide, comfort and love unconditionally.

They give their best and deserve the best. Far too many products are produced cheaply and sold with enormous profit margins that benefits business owners, not dogs and owners. 

So in 2009 we set out to make the 
FINEST QUALITYproducts and havent stopped. During this time we have produced and innovated products never seen before. We build products that last..(when did you last see a range that comes with a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE?) We make stand up and stand out gear to enhance the canine/handler experience by delivering supreme quality, aesthic design and functional capabilities. Healthier, more ethically sound and sustainable natural grooming, treats and supplements for a healthier happier dog.

The pet industry is not run by pet lovers.  Animals are one of the most exploited on earth and that's doesn't sit right with us.  Our goal is to educate,  raise awareness and provide alternatives to cheap, nasty products dressed up as premium grade. .


Our logo reflects the core set of beliefs and principles that we our brand was founded on, watch the video for the meaning of the Rogue Royalty logo.

"The Hound for Devotion, Vigilance and Loyalty
The Horse for Grace, Strength and the Spirit to Roam Free
The Shield for Protection of Evils of All Kind
The Crown for Nobility in Action and Mind"

Wendell Van Jour
Rogue Royalty