Why our SupaTuff® Range?


Our SupaTuff® range is no nonsense, ultra heavy duty range designed and purpose built for large and powerful dogs. Years of research, testing and refining have produced the ultimate range of ultra strong heavy duty gear for all types of uses. If safety, security and comfort are your priority SupaTuff is the gear for you.

Strength, safety and security. These are BIG things to use. Our SupaTuff® Range has all stainless-steel fittings and double ply commercial grade heavy duty webbing.
We offer a 100% FULL LIFETIME GUARANTEE our collars and harnesses.
If you purchase a SupaTuff® item and if you even have a hint of suspicion it isn’t truly heavy duty and well built SEND IT BACK  and we’’ll give you refund on the item purchase price. 
There’s many other materials we can produce collars from but after all these years our collars are extremely popular due to their form and functionality. For versatility, training, working, sporting or just all round good solid neck wear for dogs that is practical and functional our SupaTuff® range of gear is top of the range.
Irrespective of dog size or type they all have the same features when it comes to skin. Lets be honest, with animals from dogs to horses tethering is made from soft yet strong material, it needs to have strength but also comfort for the animal.
Our SupaTuff® webbing is soft, flexible and extremely breathable. Unlike solid steel chains they don’t overheat, get too cold or rip into your dogs skin.
Stainless steel fittings and quality webbing is resistance to corrosion, rust and fading. Unknown to the average consumer is the different types of webbing and materials on the the market place collectively called “nylon”.
Our SupaTuff® range is low maintenance, does not hold or absorb water and can we used an all conditions wet or dry.

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    Lifetime Replacement Warranty refers to the lifespan of the dog and covers years of normal wear and tear. Damage caused by the dog [or another dog] to either the material or the hardware is not covered, eg chewing leads, collars or equipment.

    Use in sporting or working dogs is not considered normal wear and tear.
    If the product retains it’s functional purpose, minor issues due to wear and tear such as fraying, loss of eyelets or colour are not covered. In the event of a claim please submit in writing with images and purchase proof to info@rogueroyalty.com.au.

    Rogue Royalty is not obliged to pay for freight or other associated costs whereby a refund or replacement is unsuccessful.